Do you still have doubts? Try to consult the frequently asked questions

1. Can I reuse panel waste?
Yes, with Cladia® you can effectively recover cutting waste and create new splendid compositions: creative, sustainable and without waste.

2. Can I choose any graphics to reproduce on the panels, without color limits?
Yes, the print reproduced with an exclusive technology is created in full color, therefore any digital image can be reproduced.

3. Is it possible to have the installation carried out by a specialized team?
Cladia® has a network of collaborators all over the world, so if you don’t have a specialized team of your trust, the company can advise you on the most suitable staff operating in your area.

4. Is Cladia only suitable for outdoor or indoor use?
Cladia® is a product born both for the external facades of buildings and for interiors. The main field of application is in cladding systems for ventilated facades, giving buildings an improvement in their characteristics and performance.

5. Can I cover the facade of my home with Cladia outdoor panels?
Of course, it is possible to cover the external facade of your home with Cladia® panels. However, it is good to discuss the project first with your architect or engineer.

6. Are Cladia panels really green?
Cladia panels are the best solution on the market among coating systems, for an eco-compatible construction, both during production and in the event of replacement and disposal.

7. Can I change the cladding or part of the cladding of the building over time?
Absolutely yes. In the very remote event that a panel has suffered serious damage and cannot be repaired, there is the possibility of replacing the sheet. All that will be done is remove it from the appropriate mechanical fixings and replace it with the new panel. Likewise when you might decide to change the color or finish of a structure. Easy, fast and stress-free.

Choose CLADIA® and its team

The only partner that allows you the creativity and support you need in creating facades and cladding of your structures exactly as you imagine them. Cladia offers its services internationally and has a network that operates worldwide for the support and installation of customized panels.
Do you want to know more and deepen the opportunities of Cladia®? Take advantage of a free meeting at the Zanette headquarters to touch the solutions offered by the company and the finishes, colors, possible processes available with Cladia. If you are tired of the usual materials on the market and you want to stand out by proposing an innovative solution that can truly solve problems rather than cause new ones, Cladia is the right product for you.