Cladia with Ductal inside is the definitive solution for external facade cladding of large surfaces with ventilated walls. A new skin for buildings that will appear unique with exclusive facades. Cladia facade cladding panels are an innovative product in the building sector made with 100% natural, “live” ingredients, skillfully blended so as to achieve extremely high performance difficult to find in any other product on the market today.
One of the innovative aspects from the aesthetic point of view when we talk about these panels is given by the 3D pieces: we talk about special parts to create shapes of various nature. This is due to the fact that the Cladia panels are made with a particular material, which can be put into special molds to make all the shapes you want.


For the first time, the architect can do exactly what he considers appropriate with a building and, consequently, create potentially unique structures. To the range of 14 standard colors in 5 different finishes, there is the possibility of having colors at the request of the architect.
But it’s not over: you can customize the cut, the thickness, the surface finish by creating 3D effects in relief or even reproducing a photograph on the panel. In addition to this, you can request special surface treatments, such as waterproofing the product up to 100%.


Thanks to this special conformation it is possible to obtain customized shapes for external facades of any type. A particular material is Ductal, which required 10 years of testing to make this new prefabricated piece, weighing just 33 kg per square meter and 15 mm thick, perfect.
3D shapes enrich this offer, a way to give free rein to the creativity of architects who have to cover an external wall of a facade with various shapes, as in the case of honeycomb textures. An effective solution for an absolutely original, customizable aesthetic result, with light and slender textures. An ideal remedy for large buildings such as in the case of shopping malls, with the possibility of panels with staggered colors.

Custom panels for outdoor buildings

Thanks to its malleability, Cladia can be modified as you see fit until you reach desired shapes. All this while maintaining high performance in terms of fire resistance, durability, stability at high temperatures. For all these reasons, Cladia with Ductal slabs are an innovative product on the market in the construction sector.
Thanks to its particular cement-based composition, Cladia slab maintains its physical, mechanical and aesthetic integrity much longer than traditional metal or ceramic coating systems, even in environments with extreme climatic conditions.
An ideal solution for those who cannot find answers from the materials currently on the market: Ductal stands out as an innovative solution capable of solving many problems and guaranteeing a personalized approach to architects, as well as for the possibility of creating original 3D shapes and textures.