Cladia is the innovative coating product for the external facades of buildings. A green solution, which fully respects the environment throughout its production process and which is capable of providing high performance.
Cladia with Ductal inside exterior claddings gives buildings an improvement in their characteristics and performance both from an architectural and energy saving point of view: these panels are mainly used in systems for cladding for ventilated facades to which they are able to give an aesthetic improvement thanks to the variety of colors and surface finishes.
Cladia panels are large in size and represent the solution for standard cladding of external facades, for customization of new buildings and for the construction of claddings dedicated to restoration and renovation projects of existing buildings. They can also be used for internal facade cladding.


Sound absorbing, insulating, fire and weather resistant, easy to clean, resistant over time: these are the characteristics that make Cladia one of the most reliable products when speaking of panels for external facades.
The high performance comes from its eco-compatibility which allows these panels from external facades to fully comply with all regulations in terms of energy saving. Which buildings can be covered with these particular outdoor panels? The list is extensive, to benefit can be hotels, community buildings, institutional headquarters and in general old buildings.
Everything can be widely customized, with the possibility of creating dedicated coverings in cases of, for example, the need for compatibility and coordination with the landscape context and respect for any urban constraints. Outdoor coatings that allow versatility and high performance combined with the excellence of the Italian artisan product.


This external building facade cladding system is based on the innovative ventilated facade system consisting of several components: thanks to the rather accentuated dimensions of these outdoor panels and their reduced weight, it is possible to obtain savings on the cost of the substructures by going in this way to optimize the energy performance of the building without sacrificing the aesthetic aspect.
A functional and pleasant solution that allows wide freedom of expression and maximum customization for the professional, architect or engineer, who creates it. Cladia can be made with customized textures and can reproduce 3D shapes. All starting from the conformation of the material with which it is created, or the Ductal.

Eco-friendly outdoor panels

This material gives the exterior facade panels maximum resistance, especially in the case of cladding the areas on the ground floor, given that three-dimensional fiberglass reinforcement is used. All accompanied by low maintenance requirements and considerable durability.
Cladia outdoor panels are the ideal solution for covering facades of buildings of any type: a product with maximum performance that comes from the craftsmanship of Made in Italy and which has a very low environmental impact.