With their peculiarities and characteristics, Cladia panels are suitable for interior cladding too not only for external. Produced at Zanette’s Italian factories using sophisticated batching plants, these panels prove to be the best solution on the market among coating systems. Also for interiors.
The advantage of this product is linked to the great aesthetic result as well as the performance in terms of eco-sustainability: Cladia with Ductal inside is a total green solution, as a finished product but also throughout the production cycle as it derives from a totally inert material which does not release any substance into the environment.
For all these peculiarities, Cladia panels are the ideal solution to be used for interior cladding with a high level of thermal insulation.


Cladia panels are mainly born as an ideal product for external cladding, but in some cases they can also be adapted to internal environments. There is no mention of the single house but of larger spaces to be furnished: this is the case of large offices, open spaces, commercial spaces, interiors of large shopping centers, rough sheds that you intend to transform.
What distinguishes these panels are thin thicknesses, high resistance and longevity over time, a wide range of finishes and colors to adapt to any interior environment. Cladia panels are suitable for covering large walls and interior wall coverings.
A perfect mix of compressive strength, thermal and acoustic insulation, eco-efficiency, aesthetic appeal.


Cladia panels are absolutely innovative for their method of creation and for the peculiarities they have; a product that is born from the union of skills of two professional companies at an international level and which represents a real revolution for the sector.
With these panels it is possible to cover large internal facades and walls obtaining results in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The indoor panels are easy to assemble and made with a special material, Ductal, patented and with unique characteristics.
Starting precisely from the conformation of this material and its characteristics, it is possible to modify the internal facades of buildings, shopping centers, buildings to your liking, reproducing 3D shapes and various images.

A high-performance material

Thanks to its characteristics Cladia is a product that is widely used for external and internal facade cladding. It can guarantee an improvement in thermal comfort, guaranteeing energy savings; it is fire and impact resistant; it is easy to apply; it can be customized as you want even with image reproduction.
With regard to the measures, the panels from Cladia interiors are available in three distinct formats: 1200 x 1200 mm; 11200 x 2400 mm; 1200 x 3600 mm. The real innovation of these panels lies in the possibility of inserting insulating materials in the air chamber that is formed between the panel and the load-bearing wall so as to exploit the ventilated wall. An advantage that is also useful in the case of large internal walls to be covered.