men of zanette

Zanette – 67 years history of growth

Zanette is an industrial reality oriented towards change and innovation, born in 1954 in an area with high industrial vocation. In Italy it was a particular period with transition from mass to specialization production. In contrast to common large companies that already spread in the Italian territory, small and medium sized companies are beginning to take hold. 

Zanette is a company located in Vigonovo, in the area of Pordenone, North East of Italy, specialized for over 30 years in the industrial prefabrication market. Thanks to its experience, the company is able to produce different types of products for many needs.

Zanette and Cladia.

The production process has changes all over the years and Zanette was able to intercept this new way. In particular, the company’s work has always been driven by 3 different elements: design, research, production. And it is precisely starting from these 3 elements that Zanette created, thanks to its experience ever the years as a manufacturer of prefabricated concrete panels , and the collaboration with LafargeHolcim, CLADIA: particular cladding panels made with Ductal UHPC concrete.

It was thanks to constant research, always aimed at the development of new technologies, and the quality control of materials that these new products could see the light in the Zanette internal laboratory. 

A look towards the future.

Zanette’s goal is to work with new technologies and materials, to transform the construction of simple prefabricated buildings into one increasingly complex. The company today also works with a look towards the future, which is to always be present in the renewable energy and eco-sustainability sector.

Two concepts that are fundamental as the construction sector will have to be increasingly sustainable and respectful of the environment, if it is to continue to be s staple of the Italian economy.

A greener building is possible and the margins for improvement are high. A path that Zanette has chosen to follow for a long time to ensure excellent results for the end customer but without impacting the environment.