Zanette’s commitment to innovation, research and development.

Zanette’s commitment to innovation, research and development.

Innovation, Research and Development: these are 3 elements to which Zanette has always paid great attention. The constant search for new technologies is crucial in a sector such as construction. All this takes place through a research process to ensure high standards.
The research is aimed at the development of new technologies and the quality control of materials and products, subjected to continuous tests in the internal laboratory and to further experimental tests in an authorized external laboratory.

Innovative technical solutions

In particular, innovative technical solutions are developed and perfected, such as thermal break walls, in the direction of respect for the environment and energy saving, according to the recent directives of the Kyoto Protocol. Reference is to an international agreement to face global warming, an environmental phenomenon that science has never called into question and whose anthropic responsibility is clear and proven.
Zanette collaborates with the customer for the development of each individual project, looking for customized solutions, increasingly based on maximum functionality and always with attention to the smallest details, guaranteeing high product quality at balanced prices.

Our innovative products

Among the highest quality products there are the facade finishes, which are also supported with the use of special pieces such as rounded corner pieces, head turns, false frame joints, etc…

Our company always pays attention to regulations, which is why we also produce thermal break infill panels in different thicknesses and with different characteristics of both acoustic and thermal insulation.
All this takes place through an internal production cycle that covers every phase, from design to development. Innovation and quality are two of the pillars on which Zanette’s work has always been based. Innovation is achieved in particular on products for internal and external facades, on which the attention of the company has focused over the years, which has given life to a unique product of certified quality.