Zanette’s Green Philosophy

Zanette is a company active in the construction sector that has always chosen to produce paying attention to issue of the environment and sustainability. These guidelines have also been followed with regard to the production of Cladia panels.
Cladia is a completely natural products, free of toxic and harmful substances for humans, which derives from cement. Like concrete, the panel is never homogeneous and can present small bubbles, like the skin it can have small expression lines.
These are synonyms of a natural but long-lasting product that makes healthy environments. Concrete is considered a natural product and we see it as such, with all its qualities and different ways of expression.

Eco-sustainability is the set of human activities undertaken with the aim of pursuing sustainable development. The goal of eco-sustainability is to make use of the planet’s resources, ensuring their cyclic reproduction and respecting the earth’s balances.
Making eco-sustainable architecture means designing energy efficient buildings with a limited environmental impact. Creating virtuous and sustainable properties of this type is the challenge of the future but for many it is already a reality.
Buildings represent great potential in achieving the EU objectives of contrasting climate change and their enhancement with environmentally friendly materials and energy efficiency becomes a more vital stimulus than ever.

Reduction of energy consumption.

Starting from January 1, 2021, all new buildings or the ones subject to major renovations, will have to comply with certain energy performance requirements, both at a structural level and with regard to plant engineering. This is established by the European Union, which has issued a series of directives (contains in the EPBD 31/2010) for the reduction of energy consumption in buildings. Sustainable architecture is perfectly part of the interventions aimed at achieving these goals.
Buildings environmentally sustainable is Zanette’s mission, for example in creating CLADIA panels. A green solution both for the process whereby the panels are made and for the performance guaranteed by the finished product. No raw material used for the components of CLADIA is obtained through oil synthesis process and material is completely to avoid release any substance into the environment.